Transilien is the French rail network linking Paris to its surrounding area. Everybody knows that it’s more convenient to take the Transilien in Île de France. It doesn’t remove a car’s prerogatives though: Saturday’s shopping, garage sales, moving... So what’s with the jealousy? The cars make scenes, in newspapers and on bus-shelters.

This press and poster campaign was awarded with a mention at the 34th Grand Prix de l’Affichage.

Sunday, 6 A.M., garage sale at Marly le Roi.
The car and the seller have finished setting up.

« THE CAR: - Aren’t we having a great time, here, just the two of us ?
THE SELLER: - It’s good to spend time together. It’s been a while.
THE CAR, jumping on the occasion: - We have to talk, Jean...
You take more and more the train, I’m not blind!
THE SELLER: - Come on ... You know it doesn’t mean anything... “

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A supermarket parking lot at Saint Rémy les Chevreuse.
The lady, the station wagon car.

« THE STATION WAGON CAR, suddenly: - And if I asked you to choose... Either him or me ?
THE LADY, disconcerted: - You or ...? But what’s the matter with you ?
THE STATION WAGON CAR, mumbling: - What’s the matter with me ?
You’re spending all your time on the train. »

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At Melun, behind the house. The gardener, the car.
The car looks like it no longer wants to go forward.

“THE GARDENER: - Come on, be reasonable.
THE CAR, obstinate: - Only if you promise...
THE GARDENER: - ...To stop taking the train? That’s impossible.
THE CAR, mimicking him: - That I uproot this trunk ?!...
That’s impossible. Go ask the train. “

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In the Fontainebleau forest. The coupé, the woman and her dog. The two latter are just back from a 40 minute run.

“THE COUPÉ, abruptly: - You don’t look at me anymore, we don’t see each other anymore...
THE JOGGER: - Ho no, not again...
THE COUPÉ: - You’re always in the train!
THE JOGGER, exasperated: - Am I in the train, right now? (More gently)
You are the one who always talks about the train. “

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Vitry-sur-Seine. The car, the student. They’re taking a sofa to a landfill.

“THE STUDENT, triumphant: - Done, it’s hooked. How are you doing?
THE CAR, bitter: - Don’t even ask... I’m bending over backwards to help you. And tomorrow you’ll go take the train. (Louder) Speak your mind, you’re still with me because it’s handy!
THE STUDENT: - Stop it... Everybody is looking at us! “

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