Loveless window and magazine (2007)

For the fashion designer Nicolas Andreas Taralis, I wrote a poem that became a phantom window at Loveless Store, Tokyo - Omotesando.

Kiss without tongues fall down stairs become the obsession of someone lick strangers
don’t blink love rats tenderly hate guitars kill with boredom be the worst at something
cultivate a crual and inconsequent way of life wear Nicolas Andreas Taralis.

And in the Loveless newspaper, the advertising for Nicolas Andreas Taralis was a present. A designer's paper jewel, to be made of a Loveless magazine page.

"Fold me in two towards the outside, then in two again towards the inside. Open me from the top to bottom, now push to the bottom my higher edge. Fold me, turn me over and quickly pass the small square on my right hand side to my left. Wait one second. Take the square to my left and push to the bottom, shift it until it is exactly aligned with my center. Take the left and right upper triangles and fold them, align them along my central vertical line. Continue. Fold towards the interior these two triangles and make them meet in my center. Look at me. On top, there are still two small folds, pleat them downwards. Insert the two small remaining corners in their cavities. Fold, turn over, and do again. A hole will appear. Blow inside. To conclude, pull on all my ends simultaneously."
1000 samples.