Leave Paris, you hordes of tourists! The month of August is in full swing. Transilien (the french rail network linking Paris to its surroundings) proposes in the capital’s underground that the millions of visitors leave Paris and discover, by train of course, the treasures of Île de France.

« Dear Mum, Dear Dad,
Yesterday, we went on a train to see France in miniature. So this week, I’m writing to you in miniature.»

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« Hi!
Today Ulrike wanted to go on a trip, so we went by train to Auvers-sur-Oise. The weather was splendid. With such colors, it’s easy to be Van Gogh! Small crayfish for lunch. Gisela and Bernd Türich »

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« Hotel not bad, weather OK. We went by train to see Evry’s Cathedral, Wonderful! There are trees on the roof. Fabio wants to do the same at home.
Giulia »

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« My dear Sawako,
Yesterday somebody told me: it’s amazing, the hall of mirrors has been fully restored. So today I took a train and that’s true, it’s amazing. I saw myself in the mirrors which saw Louis XIV. Exalted Kisses.
Your Koji. »

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« Paulina, my beloved,
I took a train and went walking in the forest of Fontainebleau. The trees and the sky made me think of you. I’m gently recovering after a terrible indigestion of frogs’ legs. I miss you. Your convalescent love, Wiktor »

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